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ANNBURR Consulting Ltd
High Street, Banstead SM7 2LJ, UK
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Independent Consultant: Design out Crime & Design for Community Safety.

Applying Designing out Crime & Secured By Design principles & standards into residential, mixed-use & commercial developments.

Consulting with owners, architects & developers to determine risk, then inform the early design, specification and security of new build and refurbishments.
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Prior to becoming an Independent Consultant, Ann worked as a specialist Metropolitan Police Designing out Crime Officer (DOCO) and Crime Prevention Design Adviser (CPDA) for 14 years, covering Inner and Outer London. She has a record of successfully influencing a range of development and regeneration projects to secure safer community living.

She is an independent, Licensed Secured by Design (SBD) Consultant and Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS) compliant for BREEAM Hea06 'Security Needs Assessments' (SNA). With experience in delivering unbiased ‘Designing out Crime, SBD & BREEAM’ advice to property owners, planning, design & development professionals.  

Adept at conducting crime trends analysis, environmental and security vulnerability audits to inform the design out crime process. Ann works with clients to enhance foresight and incorporate effective crime prevention measures into the early designs. She also works with clients during the scheme.

Ann founded ANNBURR Consulting in 2017, to provide independent, professional advice and guidance, promoting crime prevention in the built environment:

Recognising that every project is different – assessing plans and environmental context, to inform the design process, and enable the integration of effective security.

Working collaboratively – with stakeholders to deliver relevant, proportionate advice to ‘design out crime and design in community safety’ in the built environment.

Helping to create safer places for people – promoting perceptive design and specification of communal spaces, to encourage people of all ages to use them together with mutual respect.

Independent research has shown that the early incorporation of Design out Crime measures including SBD principles and testing standards, will reduce the likelihood of crime occurring and enhance sustainability.

The early integration of crime prevention measures will also minimise potential for costly suprises to the developer, incompatibility problems & costly retro-fix measures that are vulnerable to damage or misuse and increase the risk of anti-social behaviour or crime.

Should you need further information please visit www.annburr.co.uk 


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Building / Site Security Planning, Security Audits and Reviews, Threat and Risk Assessment

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