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A highly experienced Security Risk Mitigation and Resilience professional, accustomed to designing and delivering a world class spectrum of services both nationally and internationally. Possesses exceptional organisational and management skills which have been demonstrated in a range of scenarios from Fortune 500 companies and austere/fragile environments to small and medium size enterprises across multiple sectors. A proactive self-starter motivates others and builds productive stakeholder partnerships demonstrating a commitment to the delivery of the highest level of integrity, professionalism and personal responsibility.
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David Sparks RISC MSyl AfCGI

Security Risk & Crisis Consultant

David is currently engaged in consulting, research and development support; advancing and improving the capability of International Police and Military units by utilising his extensive knowledge and experience of training and operational provision to ensure best practice delivery and to build robust and resilient professional relationships.

David also provides essential security risk management consultancy to clients; to map their security needs, guide them towards the right solutions and assist with their implementation.  The client is assisted in the development of systems and processes to protect their staff, assets and investments against a wide range of current and emerging threats in areas such as threat intelligence and assessments, risk analysis, crisis management and support as well as customised training solutions to deliver the best outcome for the client.

David oversees the provision of personal protection that is proportionate and commensurate with the level of threat to the individual, the views of the protected person and the circumstances of lifestyle, therefore providing an effective security plan that has the flexibility to provide effective protection.  

Previous Experience

David was an integral part of a three-year training program to develop the capacity and capability of Special Forces within a Gulf State and was instrumental in the initial design of specific courses, such as Crisis Management, Infrastructure Protection and Advanced Tactical Solutions, which then became the core courses of the three-phase train the trainer program.  Throughout this program David also held the responsibility as Security Co-ordinator for all deployed staff and associated strands such as policy, processes, threat analysis and assessments, pre-deployment and In-country briefings and local ground familiarisation.

David previously served in fast response units addressing some of the most challenging, dangerous and high-pressure situations across London and the UK and was trained in a range of advanced techniques in Public Protection, Counter Terrorism, Intelligence Operations and Special Operations including as an operative, instructor and advisor in Special Operations.  David has served long-term secondments to the Home Office, Ministry of Defence, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as well as other Government agencies.  

David is a member of the Association of Security Consultants, the UK Security Institute, Member of the Chartered International Institute of Security and Crisis Management and Affilliateship of City and Guilds Institute. David is also seeking to provide his support on a voluntary basis to counter and combat Child Sex Exploitation and Child Trafficking.

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Corporate Security / Management Advice, Crisis Management Planning / Response, National & International Development & Capacity Building, Security Operations (personnel, policies, procedures etc.), Terrorism / Counter Terrorism, Threat and Risk Assessment, Training, VIP / High Net Worth Individuals Personal Security Advice