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Graeme Dyson MSyl, RISC
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A highly experienced and confident manager with a proven track record in the corporate and public sectors of more then twenty five years. With current experience delivering discreet, bespoke, Executive Protection and Security Management services, managing risk and problem solving in challenging and crisis situations.
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Executive Close Protection, Security Consultancy – UK and Europe.

  • Group Protective Services Manager. Responsible for the strategic planning, managing and execution of client protective services globally, development and implementation of comprehensive security risk management programs for Ultra High-net Worth Individuals, Royal Families, Government and commercial organisations. Organise and manage high end, professional Executive Close Protection services, Residential Security Teams, Protective Surveillance, Travel Security and Intelligence services direct to client. Specialise in Crisis Management and minimising risk in line with clients risk appetite.

  • Royalty. Security Manager and Personal Protection Officer for middle eastern Crown Prince, responsible for worldwide security and travel outside of the Middle East with prominent privacy and discretion skills. Experience of Private Jets, Super yachts and luxury cars. Running a team of two Close Protection Operators and up to five drivers.

  • International Business Executive. Personal Bodyguard to an American CEO travelling in the UK  to multiple sensitive business meetings at a time of heightened terrorist threat. Full advance work on all venues carried out in liaison with American Security Manager with excellent feedback.

  • Foreign Senior Diplomat. Acted as close protection for visiting middle eastern diplomat at a global award ceremony and private business meetings over several days. Client targeted by environmental activists and world press so reputational management was a high priority.

  • Iconic British Company.  Directors suffered genuine Threats to Kill after uncovering a multi-million pound fraud. Carried out detailed residential and commercial security surveys and carried out a complex internal investigation and Police liaison leading to three arrests.

  • UHNW Client. Part of a small team providing Medical and Bodyguard services to a Russian female during a two week trip to Europe including using armoured cars and GPS SOS beacons.

  • International Business Executive. Personal Bodyguard to an American business executive travelling in the UK and Europe to multiple sensitive business meetings. Ill health an issue so medical cover provided as well.

  • Head of Security London Borough of Camden. Responsible for the strategic and operational planning and delivering of all security solutions across a large portfolio including Access Control systems, CCTV, manned-guarding, major incident response and crisis management. Budget holder and reporting responsibility for a five million pound security budget and direct management of more then one hundred and fifty internal or contracted security staff.

  • BBC. Providing Close Protection services during the latest filming of Sherlock, including one on one Bodyguard to the lead artist during public filming, artist movement and open source research for fixated threat assessments.

  • Adele. Providing Close Protection services to the most successful female singer in history and her young child, including open source research for threat assessments, travel security, Electronic Counter Measures (bugging), anti paparazzi press cover and residential security at multiple locations around the UK for a continuous period of several months.

  • BBC. Personal Bodyguard to a high profile actor and screenwriter that had received death threats from a known fixated stalker with mental health issues and was attending a large, three day public event and conducting walkabouts and meet and greets. Duties included Close protection, dynamic risk assessments and open source research for threat assessment.

  • Celebrities.  Acted as Bodyguard to various international celebrities at Red Carpet film premières, fashion shows, film sets, recording studios, world tour rehearsals, charity events, BAFTA after-party, private parties, product launches etc.

  • Magna Carta 800th Celebration. Security Manager for the official event, providing direct client facing security and operational management for the eighteen day build up and breakdown, managing access control teams, asset protection teams, crowd management teams and security response teams. Liaison for the Royal household staff, Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Groups, Special Escort Group, FBI, USA Police protection teams, UK Police Search teams, dog handlers, mounted Police and firearms teams.

  • King of Brunei. Part of the extended Bodyguard team protecting the King of Brunei and his family at the Royal Windsor Horse Show and Endurance Race. Roles included Close Protection for members of the royal family, plainclothes protestor identification, behavioural analysis profiling, counter surveillance and protective surveillance over several days.

  • Prime Minister. Team Leader providing Close Protection and security as part of the extended joint private and Diplomatic Protection team protecting the Prime Minister David Cameron during the election results at Witney, Oxfordshire. Duties included securing the site and preventing protestors from disrupting the proceedings, behavioural analysis screening to identify subjects of interest, supervising a search team.

  • Duchess of Cambridge. Close Protection team member securing the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital awaiting the arrival of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton to give birth. Duties included access control, preventing press intrusion, managing the insider threat and security patrols waiting on the arrival of the Duchess.

  • BP AGM. Part of the Close Protection team providing protection to the attendees and board of directors, covert behavioural analysis screening to identify subjects likely to be a threat, plain clothes protestor identification, protective surveillance and part of the BP trained protestor removal team.

  • UHNW Client.  Security Manager and Close Protection Officer to an Ultra High Net Worth business Executive on The Times Rich List, his wife and children for a year. Duties included Close Protection escorts for all family members, protective surveillance, route planning, travel security, Security Advance Party for business meetings and family events, overseeing residential security teams, threat and risk assessments, high value art protection and staff vetting. Experience of private jets, super yachts and VIP Airport access as well as driving luxury vehicles.


Special Branch Sergeant, Hampshire Police.Counter Terrorist Team Sergeant. Carried out collaborative working with commercial organisations and outside agencies (including UK Border Force, Serious and Organised Crime Agency and the Security Services). I was the Covert Policing lead for Southampton Airport for eight years and a core member of the Department for Transport Risk Assessment Group and carried out a number of Royalty and Diplomatic protection operations. I managed, organised and led training sessions for both UK Special Forces and UK and foreign Secret Intelligence Services. I am a trained Intelligence manager and dual Crime and Terrorism Interviewer trained. I am also Behavioural Analysis Screening System trained and have run a number of Behavioural Analysis Operations. 


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Crisis Management Planning / Response, Event Security Management /Advice, Interim Security Management, Security Management Advice / Recruitment, Security Operations (personnel, policies, procedures etc.), Terrorism / Counter Terrorism, Threat and Risk Assessment, VIP / High Net Worth Individuals Personal Security Advice

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