Ian Fowler

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QCIC Limited
13 Christopher Street, London EC2A 2BS, UK
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35 years experience in the security industry. Working in Manufacturing, Installation, Distribution, Training and Consultancy Sectors of the industry. I have a wide range of contacts. Providing Security Risk Assessment, BREEAM SNA, SABRE Program Assessment, In-Use and New Facility Audits, Holistic Physical and Technology Design, HVM & CT supported.
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I have been privileged to work in some of the largest and smallest security sector businesses. Early year with International Corporations like Timex and Thorn EMI, to SME's like SMW and latterly QCIC, providing me with a range of understanding that covers most financial, commercial, leisure, infrastructure and business issues.

After following a manufacturing engineering and production career path, I took a number of business management courses culminating in a CNAA Post Graduate - Diploma in Management Studies business faculty course with Kingston-Upon-Thames Polytechic now Kingston University.

I spent 16 years working in installation and then distribution working as head of TSG and head of training services across the technology disciplines, CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Detection. As well as EAS, i also developed courses on digital networking and Ethernet IP. After 12 years of building the industry skills through training services and absorbing a wide range of applications and a greater understanding of what provides genuine useful outcomes  for clients, I decided to move into Security Consultancy. I have been providing security services since 2006 to present.

I have also supported the industry Security Excellence Awards latterly the Security and FIre Excellence Awards as a panel judge from 2006 through to 2017.

Working with QCIC I provide every kind of security design service from RIBA Stage 1 through to Stage 6.

I am happy to discuss any level of security design and post installation support you may need.

Best Regards,

Ian Fowler DMS ASC

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Access Control Systems, Building / Site Security Planning, CCTV, Security Audits and Reviews, Security Systems Design and Technology, Security Systems Evaluation, Audit and Assessment, Terrorism / Counter Terrorism, Threat and Risk Assessment