ASC Virtual Business Group - 13th May 2021

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  • Event Name: ASC Virtual Business Group
  • Times: 09:30 - 12:00
  • Location: Virtual
  • Date: 13-May-2021
  • 09.30—09.45 Welcome to the ASC Virtual Business Group

    09.45—10.30       Richard Flint, Technical & Commercial Lead, Physical Security, BRE, Assuring forced entry protection. The role of standards, testing and certification.
  • The importance of delay measures and how hostile actors perceive such measures.
  • How a hostile actor’s motivation and perception of the investment and risks involved affect their decisions during the planning and execution phases of a forced entry event
  • Introduction to STAVE
    • STAVE – a methodology for determining the standard(s) of forced entry resistance best suited to the threat(s) faced which was developed by the speaker to support security practitioners.
    • The hierarchy of evidence available to those responsible for sourcing products that deliver performance to the forced entry protection standards identified.
    • Tools available to verify product conformity within the specification cycle.
  • Q&A
  • 10.30—10.45       Break
  • 10.45—11.15       Mick Neville, Super Recognisers International How Super Recognisers are useful in todays society.
  • 11.15—12.00       Steve Kenny, Manager, Architect & Engineering - EMEA , AXIS, Smarter & Safer Cities - Vision or Reality?
  • The concept of Smarter Safer Cities
  • Are Smarter Safer Cities achievable based on todays technology?
  • Considerations to address the future of Smart cities
  • What opportunities does this afford a traditional security consultant

Richard Flint is one of the UK’s leading experts in physical security standards, having over 23 years’ experience managing testing and certification of security products at the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB); the world-renowned fire and security certification brand owned by BRE Global. During that time, Richard has also managed a large number of research projects investigating a range of physical security issues for a range of stakeholders and co-authored the BRE guide to performance of security glazing entitled ‘Security Glazing. Is it all it’s cracked up to be?’. Richard is passionate about the role standards, testing and certification can play in delivering certainty to those who rely on the security measures they and others invest in. He has drafted many Loss Prevention Standards; including LPS1175, LPS1224, LPS1270 and LPS2081; as well as preparing several standards for third parties and supporting the work of numerous British, CEN and ASTM standards committees. Richard devotes much of his time to supporting those keen to deliver effective security measures; providing training, research and mentoring to Police, Government, Consultants and other stakeholders around the world.

Steven Kenny has spent 15+ years in the security sector undertaking various roles that have seen him take responsibility for key elements of mission critical, high profile projects across a number of different vertical markets. For the last eight years, Steven has focused his attentions on how security technologies best support a business’s security strategy, whilst driving the adoption and elevating the importance of cybersecurity and compliance for physical security practitioners. As the Manager of the Architecture & Engineering Program across EMEA, Steven supports government organisations, Industry associations and the specifier community across EMEA. In recent years, Steven formed part of a national steering group that supported with the creation of the UK Surveillance Cameras Commissions, Secure by Design Secure by Default certification to support with a more cyber secure vendor offering. Having spoken as a keynote speaker at various International security conferences, Steven has been instrumental in improving standards across the physical security market, whilst supporting with the awareness of key technology trends. As a volunteer, Steven has previously held the position of Director of Systems, Information and Cyber Security for ASIS International and the UK chapter, before taking up a role as a Board Director. Steve also sits on the Advisor Council as the emerging technology lead for TiNYg (Global Terrorism Information Network) and sits on various standards committees to support with IoT security as well as Private Security

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