ASC Business Group - 20th February 2020

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  • Event Name: ASC Business Group - 20th February 2020
  • Times: 08:30 to 13:00
  • Location: Queens Room, Armoury House, City Road London EC1Y 2BQ
  • Date: 20-Feb-2020


09.30—09.45  - Welcome to the ASC Business Group

 09.45—10.25— Dan Meyrick, Genetec, ‘Using Your Data To Make Better Decisions’

· Corporate Security departments are sitting on a goldmine of data, much of which can be leveraged beyond the needs of traditional security. By refining, visualising & sharing this data within organisations can lead to better     decisions.

· How can Corporate Security play a more valuable role with the data they are collecting?

10.25—11.00—Coffee & Networking

11.00—11.30— Dr Paul Fox—‘Safeguarding cultural property by design: learning on the job during Allied operations in Italy, 1943’.

11.30—12.10— James Harvey, Business Development Manager CLIQ Digital Transformation Solutions UK and Ireland  —Considering the impact of digital transformation in the world of physical security’

· Described, as the third industrial revolution Digital Transformation is underway.

· Have you ever stopped to consider the impact that having on physical security?

· 3D printers, SAAS software as a service, quantum computing how these advancements will affect physical locks and keys?

12.10—13.00—Lunch & Networking



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