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Marjent Limited
Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
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Marjent is a specialised security risk and management consultancy.
Its speciality is its ability to provide risk based security consultancy and management to businesses or individuals, ensuring that commensurate security and resilience measures are in place. By carrying out an honest, independent, detailed “Health Check” review that provides you, the client, with the reassurance that all the necessary issues have been addressed, and where needed, plans are developed to cover any gaps
Security has to dovetail with the needs and requirements of the business. Marjent brings the skill and experience to ensure that the various business managers are engaged in the development of security plans and procedures. Simply put the business must own its security.
In today’s rapidly changing world, the current threat climate means that security is more than just Guards, Gates, Fences and CCTV. It must cover your management and duty of care responsibilities as well as being reactive and responsive.
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Martin Thomas is a Registered Independent Security Consultant, an ex-senior manager and internal consultant with a wealth of strong international and UK experience gained over 40 years within the Oil & Gas industry.

Remits have covered the protection of people and assets across Europe, Eurasia, Middle East, Africa and Pakistan. He has developed and built security teams, led strategy and organisational structuring and has worked on various industry and government working groups.

He was responsible for establishing and developing a regional security operational support and development team across the EEMEA region, based in London, providing specialist support services and organisational development advice to the Regional operational business teams. The team also covered physical security standards, fraud prevention measures (especially procurement/supply chain), fraud investigation tools, advice on the management and supervision of the Guard Force and training needs assessments.

Part of his role was to review and develop major reorganisations of business security departments. Providing consultancy, mentoring and strategic advice to all levels of management across the enterprises. He has a proven history of delivering innovative cost effective security solutions.

Previously as the Regional Adviser for EEME&A, he was responsible for the management of the London based operational security team, covering security management & threat assessments, security awareness and vigilance programmes, audits & investigations, conflict resolution, and people and asset protection across the region. Ensuring that the localised operational security plans were integrated with other continuity and emergency plans.

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Marjent Limited

E- mail: martinmarjent@sky.com


Tel: +44 (0) 1594 517155 - Mobile: +44 (0)7496 340028                  



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Corporate Security / Management Advice, Crisis Management Planning / Response, Fraud Awareness / Detection, Security Audits and Reviews, Security Management Advice / Recruitment, Security Strategy & Policy, Security Operations (personnel, policies, procedures etc.), Threat and Risk Assessment