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Portsea International
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Extensive experience of security and intelligence issues in Europe and Africa, having worked in eleven countries. Wide-ranging network of contacts in government and private security. Member of CII, Intellenet, Ex-CID Association etc. 25 years in Counter Terrorism in Metropolitan Police, finishing as Head of European Desk in International Liaison.
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On leaving the Metropolitan Police in December 2008, Mike worked for six months as Africa investigation team leader for an international telecom company. He conducted various investigations and created a new investigation structure based on Scotland Yard best practice, and identifed and reported a number of shortcomings in Tigo's procedures which were resulting in loss, particularly in Tanzania and Sierra Leone. He then formed Amethyst Consultancy Ltd as a security consultant and investigator.

In 2011 he moved Amethyst Consultancy Ltd to Sierra Leone and conducted a number of consultancy and investigation operations, including tracing a fugitive employee who had stolen a large sum elecrtonically and fled to the UK, investigating and preventing recurrence of major theft of goods from a retail warehouse, supporting a British victim in a fraud case in the Gambian courts, arranging office accommodation for a major international oil company to support their intended offshore drilling operations, and designing security procedures to protect an international school during the 2012 Presidential elections.

In 2014 he returned to the UK and formed Portsea International Security and Investigation Agency with his  partner Graham Dooley, specialising in matters concerning France and Africa (both Mike and Graham speak and write French - MIke as a graduate and valedictorian of the French Police International Course in French language and Judicial Procedure) and Mike also speaks some Spanish, Germand and Russian).  Graham is the only UK citizen to have been accredited as a private investigator in France.

MIke and Graham have combined their networks in France and Africa.  Work undertaken by the agency has included the following:

Numerous enquiries to trace individuals in France and elsewhere, including enquiries on debtors, subsequent document service and arranging translations, etc.for subsequent legal action.

Penetration testing and security surveys at an American company's Paris offices.

Enquiries in Africa to establish that proposed recipients of large charitable donations are genuine charities who conform to the donors' parameters.

Advice and expertise to support a bid by French interets for a major cross-border infrastructure project bewteen Malaysia and Singapore.

Acting as interpreter for a National Crime Agency project in Cotonou, Benin.

Due diligence on various subjects including potential recipients of major international sporting contracts and whether companies proposing to invest in major projects are suitable partners for the existing stakeholders, using local knowledge of the areas of activity in France and Africa.

Matrimonial surveillance and other personal enquiries in France.

Please don't hesitate to contact Mike if you think he may be able to assist you.






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