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Nigel Carpenter Associates Ltd
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Nigel J Carpenter FSyI, Security Risk Management & Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant
Nigel Carpenter has been involved in the provision of security services for over 40 years. After a 23 year first career in the Royal Navy of which 18 years was spent in the RN Police Service and which culminated in the senior appointment of Combined Services Provost Marshal at Gibraltar, Nigel elected to retire early to pursue a second career in industry. Since then he has performed varying roles with a number of major corporates including Mobil Oil, British Gas, Amoco Corporation and BP plc where he was the Deputy Head of Global Security. Latterly, Nigel was the Group Head of Security for Amec plc, a large project engineering and construction company serving clients in a number of global operational theatres in markets including oil & gas, clean energy, nuclear power, mining & metals and environment & infrastructure projects.
Consulting Experience

Nigel is exceptionally experienced at providing security risk management support to the operational integrity and duty of care for major corporations in numerous and often hostile environments, designing and delivering protective programmes and security philosophies to counter risks and threats of differing natures utilizing well tested threat and vulnerability assessment tools. He has been instrumental in guiding leadership in the development of sound strategic direction that has allowed safe operation in challenging locations.

Nigel is also particularly well versed in the delivery of security services through the lens of corporate social responsibility and human rights. To that end, he is extremely experienced in the application of the Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights (VPSHR) having served on the Plenary of that body for a number of years and has spoken at numerous conferences on the challenges of their application and the inextricable link between security, community engagement and human rights. Whilst Deputy Head of Security at BP plc Nigel was responsible for overseeing the application of VPSHR on the construction and operation of the BTC pipeline through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. This included the engagement with senior government officials including the Presidents of both Azerbaijan and Georgia and their Energy Ministers, to encourage their participation and ratify legal agreements from which emanated the creation of new pipeline protection forces. This included full training programmes for all stakeholders ranging from BP and contracted personnel through to host government military and police forces and associated private security providers. These arrangements and their implementation led to the peaceful conclusion of the project and accolades from NGO’s involved regarding its contribution to the overall success of a project with such high political profile. Nigel subsequently led Project Anthropos in BP which was a project to design a model to operationalize the application of the Voluntary Principles within mature BP operations in regions or countries with poor human rights records and lacking the benefit of capital project money as a driver to participation. The resulting guide was hailed as a breakthrough in raising awareness of the value of adopting the principles at all operational locations as a key part of an organisations social responsibility and duty of care.

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  • Professional Certifications. Fellow and Validation Board Member of the Security Institute  Advanced Security Risk Management Diploma from Georgetown University, McDonough Business School  Postgraduate Diploma in Security Risk Management, Loughborough University (Control Risks Group Prizewinner)  Past Chairman, International Association of Oil & Gas Producers  Past Chairman of the UKOOA Security Committee
  • Expertise   Corporate Executive Management  Global Security Operations  Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Analysis  Corporate Security Strategy  Program Development  Security Philosophy and System Application  Project Management, Event Management  Budgetary Control  Training & Awareness  System Integration  Standards Application, Compliance, CSR  Staff Motivation & Team Building
  • Professional Affiliations  Past Security Committee Member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)
  • Education  Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth  Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London
  • Areas of Expertise and Work Environments. Commercial – Corporate Campuses, Field Operations, Logistics, Retail Outlets o Industrial – Manufacturing, Oil &Gas (including LNG), Mining & Metals, Chemicals, Construction o Institutional – Schools, Governments o Non Profit/NGO – Field Offices, Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights, Training and Awareness programmes o Public Utilities – Power Generation Facilities (Gas & Nuclear), National Grid/Infrastructure o Transportation – Supply Chain

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Nigel Carpenter has a proven record of success and is recognized across industry as a senior subject matter expert in all areas of security risk management. His innovative approach carefully tempered with pragmatism has won him the admiration and respect of his peers and the executive leadership whom he has supported. He is a knowledgeable and trusted security professional with a wealth of experience in creating and developing the most cost and operationally effective solutions to mitigate risk whatever its profile. His communication skills serve him well across a vast network of peers and clients across the globe.

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Corporate Security / Management Advice, Crisis Management Planning / Response, Interim Security Management, Investigations, Security Audits and Reviews, Security Strategy & Policy, Security Operations (personnel, policies, procedures etc.), Threat and Risk Assessment