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Pivotal Protective Services Limited
London, United Kingdom
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An experienced and expert consultancy offering worldwide bespoke security solutions for the private individual, family and business
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Bryan's experience of the security industry started in London's Metropolitan Police Service where he made a career in New Scotland Yard's Special Branch and latterly, the Specialist Operations Protection Directorate. Leaving the service in 2008 he was appointed as the private UK Head of Security to an influential overseas royal Head of State before conducting the same role for an ultra high net worth international businessman, and their respective families.

Providing specialised national security services to the highest professional standards in the Special Branch included work as an intelligence officer, an operational manager for a large anti-terrorist surveillance team and, for many years, specialising in Close Protection. This latter role entailed working at the very pinnacle of power with appointments as the Personal Protection Officer (PPO) to four serving and past British prime ministers (two whilst in office), senior Cabinet ministers, overseas heads of state, royalty and senior government ministers, ambassadors and military generals. These protective services have successfully covered the globe working at senior government and local levels including countries associated with low infrastructure and high risk, and war zones.

With a desire to promote the same exacting standards, as an operational practitioner Bryan served as a lead trainer to aspiring officers from all backgrounds destined to work with both the British royal family and senior UK government ministers. He also designed and successfully managed the police service's first private close protection course delivered to a prominent community security team of volunteers. The rewarding role in training culminated in several years dedicated to leading the national course by representing the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) as Course Director and lecturing to police services throughout the United Kingdom. He simultaneously served on the Metropolitan and National Police Close Protection Training Committees and as part of a small, select national team he wrote the police national close protection training course that received national accreditation and international recognition.

This broad, accumulated experience led to a number of global overt and covert analytic and training projects engaged as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the British government Foreign & Commonwealth and Home Offices, in the UK and overseas. Such projects included other police services, protective units and national security agencies and spanned numerous countries in five continents. He was personally invited as a Guest Speaker by the Australian Attorney General's Office to a national close protection symposium in Sydney, New South Wales and continued his travels to lecture to specialist departments in several other Australian cities.

On leaving the police service Bryan's passion for excellence was recognised by being asked to sit on the National Security Skills Advisory Group that reviews the National Occupational Standards for close protection and was subsequently invited to be a member of the National Close Protection Consultation Group where he remains as an advisor.

Since 2008, working within the discreet royal and private 'Family Office' environments, Bryan has fully utilised his knowledge, experience and extensive group of trusted global associates to benefit the overall security of private individuals and their families. Whether by assisted provision, individual surveys or complete family security reviews, his professional but very personable style continues to successfully accommodate the nuances and combination of an individual’s personal, private and professional life.

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Building / Site Security Planning, Information and IT Security, Investigations, Security Audits and Reviews, Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (TCSM), Threat and Risk Assessment, Training, VIP / High Net Worth Individuals Personal Security Advice