Graeme Dow

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SafeGuard Security Consultants
Blandford Forum, United Kingdom
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SafeGuard Security Consultants Ltd has been providing robust expert witness services for over 40 years. Disciplines include, but are not limited to, alarm systems, access control, ARCs, CCTV, manned guarding, cash-in-transit, personal injury, violence at work, restraint techniques, aviation/airside security, dispute resolution and physical security including locks and safes.
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Specialist Expert Witness.  I am a member of the Academy of Experts (AoE), the Expert Witness Institute (EWI), the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences (MCSFS) and Association of Insurance Surveyors (AIS).  Experienced and Court trained expert witness in civil (CPR35) and criminal (CPR33) cases since 1995.  I have provided expert opinion including as a single joint expert in over 200 cases over 21 years, including the £30m+ settlement of the Weston-Super-Mare Grand Pier fire in 2008, the £75m Sony factory fire claim during the London riots 2011 and the £12m Hatton Garden burglary 2015 for the Flying Squad, Metropolitan Police.  I have acted as a strategic advisor for the National Security Inspectorate and am the BBC’s security expert on Watchdog and Rogue Traders. 

Registered Independent Security Consultant, over 38 years experience in the security industry with a broad knowledge of the European and US security industry, covering manufacture, distribution, installation, guarding, inspectorate, UK and European Standards, police and insurer requirements. 

As an ASC director, I am a member of its vetting committee and the BSI electronic security GW/1 committee involved in the development of future Standards. 

Entering the industry in 1978, I spent 13 years as a partner in Castle Caretech, a control panel manufacturer of high end security control equipment including void alarms.  I guided two major installer startups (British Gas and Everest) and have worked extensively with various insurers, ARCs and alarm inspectorates.  I have contributed to various security publications (Security Installer, Specifier, Risk, Professional Security)  reviewing new products, technology, and providing analytical insight into key issues, being respected for my technical understanding.  I have worked with Trading Standards, ACPO and the ABI.  

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CCTV, Expert Witness / Litigation Support, Manned Guarding Security Assessments / Evaluation, Security Audits and Reviews, Security Systems Design and Technology, Security Systems Evaluation, Audit and Assessment, Security Operations (personnel, policies, procedures etc.), Threat and Risk Assessment