Jerry Morgan

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B.A. Lon hons), MIoD, MASC, RISC ASyI
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FM 1142
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Rockline Security - an independent consultancy
Greater London, United Kingdom
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Independent Security Consultancy practice - general security, physical security, electronic security, security management systems, integrated security systems, reports, tenders, technical advice, contract administration. Light commercial, retail, managed residential, high end residential, high net worth private client.
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Please see our website www.rocklinesecurity.co.uk or call for an initial discussion. We tend to specialise in  security of private companies and managed residential developments including apartments, other private residences and mixed residential- commercial developents. However, we have a wide range of commercial, industrial and defence experience and work across number of industry sectors.

Jerry Morgan

MASC, RISC, ASyI, MIoD, B.A. hon (London) 

Founding Direct & Senior Independent Security Consultant

Rockline Security - an independent consultancy

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access control (ACS), CCTV, IP CCTV, Video Management Systems (VMS), door entry intercom, intruder alarm, alarm receiving centre (ARC), security network design, fibre networks, Cat6e, structured cabling, control room, locks, locking, gates, automatic gates, fences, barriers, automatic barriers, bollards, automatic bollards, road blockers, traffic calming, shutters, automatic shutters, security audit, system testing, security assessment, project managment, contract administration, commercial, private, residential, retail, shops, hotel & leisure, pubs, restuarants, security risk assessment


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Access Control Systems, Building / Site Security Planning, CCTV, Security Audits and Reviews, Security Systems Design and Technology, Security Systems Evaluation, Audit and Assessment, VIP / High Net Worth Individuals Personal Security Advice

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