Paul Easter

Member since: Thursday, 17 March 2016
Last Visit: Wednesday, 03 February 2021
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FM 2041
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An intelligence and security professional;

Specialties: Intelligence Analysis, Threat and Risk Assessment, Counter Terrorism, Security Consulting in High Risk Areas, Hostile Environment Mitigation and Crisis / Emergency Response Planning, Intelligence and Security Training.
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Harquebus is an Intellignce and Security Consultancy that provides intelligence provision, security and risk mitigation advice to multi-national companies and NGOs.

We provide training to governments across the intelligence and security space and have successfully run a number of multi-faceted programmes over a number of years.

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Building / Site Security Planning, Corporate Security / Management Advice, Security Strategy & Policy, Security Operations (personnel, policies, procedures etc.), Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (TCSM), Tender Specifications and Management, Terrorism / Counter Terrorism

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