Members of the Association of Security Consultants (ASC) share a passion for helping private, public and corporate clients achieve maximum benefit from their investment in security.

The Association of Security Consultants enjoy a 28-year history of recognition as the professional organisation for independent security consultants, having members who have a passion for delivering security expertise and professionalism to their clients.

Our membership is founded upon security professionals who are independently vetted, are subject to peer review, and who are all found on the UK Register of Independent Security Consultants. The members are also made up of from security specialists who emanate from highly appropriate background, such as:

  • National and Military Intelligence
  • The Police Force, Forensics, The Military Police, The Fire Service
  • Electronics / IT / and Security Engineering
  • Corporate, Commercial and Banking Security
  • Officers in the Armed Forces, Bomb Disposal and Explosives
  • Transport and Aviation Security / Policing
  • Specialist Education and Security Training
  • Collectively, our members are able to offer expert advice on every aspect of security, including the assessment of risk and the implementation of effective measures to combat the threat from criminal and terrorist activity, as well as fire and natural disasters.
  • Individually, our members are able to share their expertise and knowledge of best practice in a wide range of security disciplines which they have acquired through real-life experience at the ‘sharp end’.
  • Highly qualified in their respective specialist fields, all ASC members are committed to offering objective and impartial advice, independent of any manufacturer or service provider.
  • Often funded by the expert advice they provide which can result in substantial product procurement cost savings, as well as preventing costly system design and planning mistakes, ASC members are a highly cost-effective resource that can ensure your security projects always meet your expectations.

ASC Director Responsibilities



Brief description


Contact Details


Internal Events: Sponsorships & Sales

Secure adequate sponsorship to fund events and generate income

Roger Noakes


Internal Events:


Design programme and secure quality speakers and venues for events

Joe Connell


External Events

Identify opportunities for ASC presence at external events. Secure and manage representation




Recruitment, Selection and Member Benefits

Seek opportunities to increase recruitment & manage selection process; Manage member benefits




Membership Registrar

To manage and account for the Register of Independent Security Consultants (RISC)

Ken Graham



To manage and report on ASC fiscal arrangements in accordance with team budgets; Liaise with Secretariat and external accountants on fiscal matters.

 Gary Thomas

Honorary Secretary:     

Company Secretary, Oversee Membership and Welfare Standards, Manage ASC Secretariat Contract

Paul Easter


Industry Standards

To coordinate ASC support to the development of security industry standards


Communications & Marketing


To ensure ASC is represented across all forms of media


Communications & PR

To support marketing effort and to identify and manage PR opportunities




To manage the ASC website ensuring ASC profile and reputation is maintained on electronic media

 Gary Thomas